Njuokcamat (The Tongues)

During a blizzard on the tundra, a Sámi woman is herding her reindeer when she is attacked by a man. Her sister senses that something is wrong and starts looking for her. Wrapped in fear and confusion, both women will unite in their fight for revenge.

Directed by sisters Marja Bål Nango and Ingir Bål, Njuokcamat is a strong visual and exploratory film story that deals with the taboo theme of abuse of women in Indigenous communities in Northern Norway.

This film is rated R16

NATIVE Minds: Framing Difficult Truths

11:30 am, Saturday 27 March, 1034, Saturday 27 March, saturday-27-march, 0, 1032, date, , 0, 10, 24391, 0, and 1034

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Duration 5 mins
Language Sami
Year 2020
Indigenous Nation Sámi