The Māoriland Hub provides events and opportunities that nurture rangatahi voices and thereby support their wellbeing with the following aims:

  • To provide inspiration that will lead to rangatahi designing their future employment pathways.
  • To support their aspirations through mentorship and the provision of resources.
  • To identify professional and training opportunities to increase their skills and capability.
  • To create future leaders for the community.
  • To assist rangatahi to achieve in education with an aim to professional success.


Providing rangatahi with taste expanding experiences through the Maara, exploring rangatiratanga through food sovereignty issues and valuing food as an academic subject.

The Maara provides opportunities for us to explore meaningful and engaging kaupapa with our rangatahi that are impactful and revelant. Workshops are sensory – collecting and labelling seeds, understanding nutrient recycling systems and finishing with a taste expanding experience that is wairua nourishing and challenging to the tastebuds. Place based education combined with our grounding
in matauranga Māori offer our rangatahi contemplative and effective involvement to live lightly and respectfully within our taiao.