MATCH Kaimahi

Aretha Ngawaka


  • Speaks te Reo Māori
  • Strong work ethic
  • Quick learner
  • Good communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management abilities
  • Social media experience

Aretha Ngawaka

Ngāti-wai ki Aotea, Waikato

I enjoy producing projects that are aesthetically pleasing, trendy, and fun that is Rangatahi friendly- I love watching content creators across all Social Media platforms and have been since I can remember.

I am very proud to be Māori! Privileged enough to connect with other Iwi taketake (Indigenous Iwi) across the globe- being in a space where Indigenous matauranga, traditions and practices are exchanged is a place where I feel at my best and thrive.

I have a deep connection with Te Taiao (environment) as I hail from a beautiful place called Te Motu o Aotea (Great Barrier Island) it is as off-grid as can be. It forced me to be intuned with what surrounded me and for that, I am grateful for it.

I can’t wait to collaborate with other like-minded creative Rangatahi Māori to create projects where more Māori ‘MAGIC’ is made.


Aretha Work One

A 3-minute live-action film of thrifted kakahu with rotoscoping animation targeted at a Rangatahi audience of people who appreciate make-up, fashion and animation!


Mana (noun): Prestige, influence, charisma, power, control

Mesmerize (verb): to hypnotise or capture the attention of someone.

“Aretha has a determined focus and view of what she wants to achieve, sets high goals, and works hard towards them and achieving them! Aretha’s strengths her strong vision for truth and honesty.”

Jared Tuoro,
M.A.T.C.H Course Co-Ordinator