The Māoriland Hub is dedicated to uplifting Māori and Indigenous artists. It is a whare tapere – a house of inspiration and story, a house of universal potential where economic, social and cultural wellbeing is supported.

TOI MATARAU is a high-end Māori retail art gallery based at the Māoriland Hub and online. Fully mandated and supported by Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki, Toi Matarau showcases both traditional and contemporary Māori artwork that is authentic and locally sourced.

It is a unique gallery, advantageous for those artists wishing to extend their professional career, who require support, or are looking for a platform to build a presence both locally, nationally and internationally. It is a space where artists can congregate as whānau, collaborate and remove themselves from working in isolation.

Toi Matarau is a space to inspire and be inspired.