How Nivi Got Her Names

How Nivi Got Her Names

  • 2019 -
  • Bingo Captioned Charter Docos Under The Skin Documentary Drama For My Fathers Kingdom Fukry Huahua Impact Kia Manawanui Long Time No Sea MFF2020 MRFF NATIVE Slam V Nga Matauranga Nga Putake Nga Raurekau Patutiki Sembradoras de Vida Short Documentary Short Drama Shorts Wairua Shorts Whakapapa Whanau Whenua
  • - 8 m 49 s

Nivi has always known that her names were special, but she does not know where they came from. So, one cold afternoon, Nivi decides to ask her mom. The stories of the people Nivi is named after lead her to an understanding of traditional Inuit kinship naming practices, tuqlurausiit, and knowledge of what those practices mean to Inuit. Through her names, Nivi is a little girl, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a well-respected elder. Nivi’s names connect her to the personality and character of those who have passed and make her family so much bigger than she thought before.

Screening Information
Ngā Raurekau Shorts

10:00 AM
Friday 25 September 2020
The Civic Theatre

  • Language English
  • Indigenous Nation Inuit
  • Country Canada
  • Director Laura Deal
  • Indigenous Key Creative Monica Ittusardjuat
  • Indigenous Key Creative Bio Monica Ittusardjuat is an Inuit Language Coordinator working on the Unification of the Inuktut Writing System. Monica lso is an Inuit educator (M.Ed.), Inuktitut language expert, and Inuktitut editor. Monica worked at the Nunavut Teacher Education Program, with Neil and Louise training the next generation of Inuit teachers. Monica also worked at Nunavut Arctic College’s Inuktitut Centre of Excellence with Louise. Most recently, Monica worked with ITK to travel across Canada working with the various Inuit groups to develop a common orthography standard.
  • Premiere New Zealand