Liremu Barana (Soul of the Sea)

Liremu Barana (Soul of the Sea)

  • 2019 -
  • Bingo Captioned Charter Docos Under The Skin Documentary Drama For My Fathers Kingdom Fukry Huahua Impact Kia Manawanui Long Time No Sea MFF2020 MRFF NATIVE Slam V Nga Matauranga Nga Putake Nga Raurekau Patutiki Sembradoras de Vida Short Documentary Short Drama Shorts Wairua Shorts Whakapapa Whanau Whenua
  • - 9 m 09 s

Arisa dances every day and night to songs that tell of the struggles of her people. Her mother warns her not to make the same mistakes that she did as a young woman. Poetic and atmospheric, Liremu Barana subtly addresses themes of race and colonialism.

Screening Information

9 am
Saturday 26 September 2020
The Civic Theatre

  • Language Guarayo
  • Subtitles English
  • Indigenous Nation Garifuna, Poqomchi, kakchiquel
  • Country Guatemala / Norway
  • Director Elvis Rigoberto Caj Cojoc
  • Director Bio "Elvis Ribogerto Caj Cojoc , an indigenous writer and film director, was was born in Coban, Guatemala. Caj started to make films when he won the National Competition in Literature in 2008 with ""Nuestra Naturaleza"". After earning a scholarship from the Norwegian Embassy in Guatemala, he participated in several filmworkshops at Casa Comal in Guatemala City. Until then he had never used a video camera. Caj fell in love with the visual arts. Thus, he moved to the capital and started to learn more about cinema. Caj’s first film of the workshop was selected for the Havana Film Festival in 2012 and for the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival in 2012. His second short film, “Flor Blanca”, represented Guatemala at Icaro and was preselected by a jury as one of the four winners. Caj’s new short film, “Liremu Barana”, was chosen as the best script by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala. The Norwegian production company Mer Film is now producing this film. Caj studied filmmaking at Casa Comal, and because of his short film, ""Flor Blanca"", he won a scholarship by Cinépolis, the largest cineplex chain in Mexico. Thus, this year he will start to study filmmaking in Mexico at The Mexican Institute of Film and Humanities Research, IMICH and was selected at Guadalajara Talents 2019. Based on Norwegian funds he founded the first Mayan institution for the production of films, Ciudad Fabric, in 2018. Caj is now developing his first feature film with the Norwegian company Mer Film."
  • Awards "Best script_ Ministry of Culture Guatemala Nominee ImagineNATIVE. 2019 Nominee ImagineNATIVE. 2019 Nominee Rio de Janeiro Short Film Festival 2019 Nominee Rio de Janeiro Short Film Festival 2019"