The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw

The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw

  • 2019 -
  • Bingo Captioned Charter Docos Under The Skin Documentary Drama For My Fathers Kingdom Fukry Huahua Impact Kia Manawanui Long Time No Sea MFF2020 MRFF NATIVE Slam V Nga Matauranga Nga Putake Nga Raurekau Patutiki Sembradoras de Vida Short Documentary Short Drama Shorts Wairua Shorts Whakapapa Whanau Whenua
  • - 1 h 36 m 15 s

Mitzi Bearclaw turns 25 years old, and that means making big decisions for the future. Her dream to design cool hats is put on hold when she decides to move from the city back to her isolated reserve to look after her sick and bitter mother. With the reserve bully constantly at her heels and an old flame in her sights, she is grateful that her cousin is there to help her in the fight to stay sane in such a hard place to keep positive. With spirit guides and laughs along the way, join Mitzi in her battle to get her family back on the right track!

Screening Information

2 pm
Saturday 26 September 2020
Māoriland Hub

TRAILER: Mitzi Bearclaw
  • Language English
  • Indigenous Nation Mohawk
  • Country Canada
  • Director Shelley Niro
  • Director Bio Shelley, a renown multi-disciplinary artist, is a member of the Six Nations Reserve, Mohawk, Turtle Clan. Recently Shelley screened her first feature film, Kissed By Lightning, at the National Portrait Gallery in London England in conjunction with the George Catlin Exhibition. Shelley’s film productions include: Niagara (2011), Robert’s Paintings (2011), Kissed By Lightning (2009), Hunger (2008), The Flying Head (2008), Tree (2007), Rechargin’ (2007), Suite: Indian (2005), The Shirt (2003), Mid-Winter Dreams (2002), Pelaroso (2001), Overweight With Crooked Teeth (1997), Honey Moccasin (1998), and It Starts With A Whisper (1993). Shelley has many accolades and awards including: Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts (2017), Ontario Arts Council Aboriginal Arts Award, Laureate (2012), Milagro Award, Kissed By Lightning, Santa Fe Film Festival (2009), Best Director, Best Actress, Honey Moccasin, Red Earth Film Festival (1998), Best Film, Honey Moccasin, Dreamspeaker’s Film Festival (1998).
  • Producer Amos Adetuyi, Floyd Kane, Shelley Niro
  • Premiere New Zealand Premiere