The Sun Above Me Never Sets

The Sun Above Me Never Sets

  • 2019 -
  • Bingo Captioned Charter Docos Under The Skin Documentary Drama For My Fathers Kingdom Fukry Huahua Impact Kia Manawanui Long Time No Sea MFF2020 MRFF NATIVE Slam V Nga Matauranga Nga Putake Nga Raurekau Patutiki Sembradoras de Vida Short Documentary Short Drama Shorts Wairua Shorts Whakapapa Whanau Whenua
  • - 1 h 47 m 06 s

Having quarreled with his father, Altan goes to work in the North. He will have to spend a month alone on a deserted island. But soon a neighbor appears. He is old Baibal who has come to the island to spend the last days of his life there. He asks Altan to bury him next to his wife. But the guy finds out that long ago the old man’s daughter went missing. He talks the old man into publishing an entertainment blog to find his daughter and put off the man’s death. Every day Altan does his best to stimulate the old man to live another beautiful day.

Screening Information
Closing Night: The Sun Above Me Never Sets

6:15 PM
Sunday 27 September 2020
The Civic Theatre

TRAILER: The Sun Above Me Never Sets (Min urduber kyun khahan da kiirbet)
  • Language Other
  • Subtitle English
  • Indigenous Nation Sakha
  • Country Russia
  • Director Liubov Borisova
  • Indigenous Key Creative Sardana Savvina
  • Producer Sardana Savvina
  • Indigenous Key Creative Bio Sardana Savvina is a Producer, promoter of Sakha cinema and researcher. She is the founder and a leader of the Sakha Cinema Club – Yakutia’s Independent Filmmakers’ Community. Currently works as a producer at National Company Sakhafilm and has produced three films, all of which have been nominated for APSA’s Cultural Diversity Award under the patronage of UNESCO. In 2016 she produced The Bonfire, in 2018 produced The Lord Eagle, and in 2019 she produced The Sun Above Me Never Sets.
  • Premiere New Zealand Premiere
  • Awards Nominated for APSA Cultural Diversity Award Under The Patronage of UNESCO, Brisbane, Australia