Through A Reindeer Herders Eyes

Through A Reindeer Herders Eyes

  • 2019 -
  • Bingo Captioned Charter Docos Under The Skin Documentary Drama For My Fathers Kingdom Fukry Huahua Impact Kia Manawanui Long Time No Sea MFF2020 MRFF NATIVE Slam V Nga Matauranga Nga Putake Nga Raurekau Patutiki Sembradoras de Vida Short Documentary Short Drama Shorts Wairua Shorts Whakapapa Whanau Whenua
  • - 58 m 11 s

This documentary is unique and for the first time, the reality of the reindeer herder´s everyday life comes to light. Predators like wolverine and eagles cause huge damage for the reindeer herders. The documentary highlights the challenge caused by modern laws; how to keep the traditional reindeer herding alive as a livelihood. This was shot over 9 years.

Screening Information
Through A Reindeer Herders Eyes

3:15 PM
Sunday 27 September 2020
The Civic Theatre


TRAILER: Through A Reindeer Herders Eyes
  • Language Other
  • Subtitle English
  • Indigenous Nation Sámi
  • Country Finland
  • Director Aslak Paltto
  • Director Bio I am born and raised in Lemmenjoki, in a small reindeer herder village in the northernmost part of Finland. I am Saami and I work with reindeer as our whole family, but I want to give some time every week to the saami society by workin in the saami radio, or Yle Sápmi. Through years of experience fom the frontlines on saami issues, documentaries have become as a vital part of media, but there are very few produced in sápmi. Now, hosting a radio show every monday and giving room to the topics that interest Saami and Indigenous peoples.