Nau mai e te ao ki Māoriland!
‘See the world’ at the Māoriland Film Festival!

Māoriland Film Festival is an international indigenous film festival that celebrates indigenous voices and storytelling in film. Each March, Māoriland brings films and their creators to Ōtaki for five days of screenings, workshops and special events.

Located on New Zealand’s Kāpiti Coast, Ōtaki is a vibrant seaside town where Māori culture and language thrives. 

Māoriland Film Festival will celebrate its 5th birthday in Ōtaki, Aotearoa from March 21 – 25, 2018.

Ngā Pou O Te Whare

Hou mai koe ki roto i te whare krero o Moriland. Ko tna thuhu ko te iwi, ko te pouthu ko te mana o te kupu, ko te poutuarongo ko te ira tangata. Kei waenga ko te poutokomanawa o te aroha noa. Ka mutu, ko ng pou koko ka titi iho ki te whenua ko nei:

We bid you entry into our house of stories. The ridgepole is the people, the front post is the authority of the word, the rear post is the essence of our humanity. Between them, we find the support pillar of love. The posts that anchor the corners to the land are these:


Moriland celebrates the rise of indigenous cinema. It invites filmmakers from around the world to share their compelling big screen stories with us, and with each other.


Moriland upholds the mana and inspiration of our storytellers. We are guided by our elders, and taught by our children. The festival assists our community to expand their perspectives and to connect with those from other cultures.


Moriland is rooted in the traditions and language of the hap and iwi of taki. It is our honour to extend manaakitanga to the many visitors to the festival.


Moriland provides a portal to the indigenous world for ALL people. It assists social cohesion, a sense of pride, and the informed well- being of our community.

Kti. Tuia te kawa, tairanga te kawa, ko te kawa o te manaaki i te tangata tnei ka poua nei.

Tn koe.

Artistic Policy

Māoriland considers film, video, audio, digital and interactive media works made by Indigenous creatives from around the globe. To be eligible for submission, an Indigenous creative must be credited in a key role such as director, producer or screenwriter.

Indigenous films are works created by individuals or groups of people who self-identify as indigenous. Indigenous peoples are also known as Tangata Whenua, Aboriginal, Native Peoples, First Peoples or Tribal Peoples and are characterised by language, enduring spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices and a close connection to lands and/or territories.

While a key creative involved in the project must be Indigenous, the issue or content of the film may be non-Indigenous. This recognises the diverse experiences, identities and perspectives of Indigenous people(s), worldwide.

The festival programming panel may consider at its discretion films that have no key Indigenous creatives but have been created in association with Indigenous people or communities. References will be requested for films submitted under this category.

Māoriland Film Festival 21 - 25 March, 2018 Ōtaki


Submissions are now closed for the 5th Annual Māoriland Film Festival, which will take place from March 21 – 25, 2018 in Ōtaki, Aotearoa (New Zealand).

The selection criteria for Māoriland Film Festival include:

          • A key member of the creative team (director, writer, producer) must identify as Indigenous.
          • The relevance of the work to the Indigenous community and to general New Zealand audiences as a whole.
          • Consideration may be given to films that have strong indigenous representation in cast and theme. These films must be accompanied by references from the indigenous community reflected. Selection of any film is at the discretion of the selection panel.


Submissions are now closed for the fifth annual Māoriland Film Festival.

The full festival programme will be released on February 6, 2018. 

Tickets to the Māoriland Film Festival will be available online and from the Māoriland Hub from mid-February, 2018.

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