Māoriland presents: SOLD OUT!

Māoriland presents Meeting the demand



As the demand for local events on the Kapiti Coast continues to soar, Māoriland Presents is ready to step up, With its unwavering commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, and community engagement, Māoriland Presents isn’t just shaping the event scene on the Kapiti Coast—it’s shaping the cultural landscape of Aotearoa. In the New Zealand’s music scene, a cultural revolution is underway. At the helm is Māoriland, dedicated to celebrating indigenous culture through film, art, music and storytelling. With its diverse range of offerings, from film fests, tech events & live gigs, Māoriland has captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike, pulling in sell-out crowds to its events weeks in advance, indicating the high demand for more of these events in the region.

Soon to appear at the sold out Māoriland Presents’ on June 28 is Salmonella Dub Soundsystem, for the last 30 years has commanded concert halls and stadiums across the world while paving a uniquely distinctive and thrilling musical path, true pioneers in Aotearoa & The Pacific blending dub, drum’n’bass, rock, electronica, and reggae. Along for the ride is the soulful voice of “Whirimako Black”. Whirimako is one of Aotearoa’s most distinctive singers, a passionate champion of Te Reo Māori, who has featured on numerous collaborations with some of the world’s most highly regarded musical artists. Also controlling the mic is another pioneer, legendary reggae MC “The Mighty Asterix”, Who has controlled Aotearoa Soundsystem Culture for decades showing no signs of slowing down. Supporting on the line up is the next generation of this lineage, son of the Mighty Asterix is multi award winning Māori artist “Israel Starr” with his DJ “Riddim Cartel”. A powerhouse combination of music and innovation synonymous with the Māoriland experience.




So, what’s the secret sauce behind Māoriland Presents’ popularity? One big factor is its commitment to keeping it real and inclusive. The venue and performance itself is intimate giving the audience a chance to really connect with the performing artist. Each event is carefully curated providing a platform for indigenous artists to share their stories and talent with the world. Whether it’s traditional Māori performances or contemporary art installations, Māoriland Presents has something for everyone, inviting attendees to engage with indigenous culture in meaningful and transformative ways.


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