Māoriland to imagineNATIVE

Based in Toronto, Canada, imagineNATIVE is the worlds largest International Indigenous Film Festival.

In 2013, as Māoriland was amping up towards its inaugural season, imagineNATIVE chose to cast a spotlight on Māori Filmmaking. Whilst still in its infancy, Māoriland was there, co presenting two collections of short films.

This relationship was then reciprocated in 2014 at Māoriland with Jason Ryle, festival director of imagineNATIVE and Lisa Jackson, Anishinaabe film maker in attendance.

Now for the 2014 season of imagineNATIVE, we’re excited to introduce two new elements to the relationship.

The first has already been widely publicised.

It was announced in August that Māoriland Film Festival Director, Libby Hakaraia would sit on this years imagineNATIVE awards jury.

“It’s a great honor for Maoriland Film Festival to be asked to participate in this way. It gives me a chance to look at some 200 films both short and feature length from around the world some of which I aim to screen at Maoriland Film Festival next year.’
– Libby Hakaraia

Both Māoriland and imagineNATIVE give people, both filmmakers and the audience the chance to meet each other and forge relationships.

Accompanying Libby will be Pat and Tania Hakaraia. They’ll have their eyes and ears open on ways to improve Māoriland next year!

The second new element is the establishment of the Māoriland to imagineNATIVE intern position. Madeleine de Young arrived in Toronto on Thursday in this capacity. While in Toronto Madeleine has the opportunity to work within the imagineNATIVE team in the lead up to the festival opening on October 22nd. She’ll be posting blog posts from imagineNATIVE so stick around!