MFF2020 Remount is on the way

Māoriland is keenly anticipating the MFF2020 Remount from September 24 – 27, 2020!

The remount will present the MFF2020 programme and will be the first of a month of film festivals across Aotearoa. 

Festival manuhiri can expect screenings at the Civic Theatre, Māoriland Hub and Raukawa Marae, an exhibition  at Toi Matarau Gallery and Creative Technology at M.A.T.C.H – the Māoriland Tech Creative Hub 

In preparation for a COVID safe festival, Māoriland has put in place measures to ensure the health and safety of all festival manuhiri and kaimahi. There will be no door sales and limited seats! Tickets to the festival will be available from September 14 with only 100 seats in each screening. This includes the first two days of free screenings but you must pre-book by registration! Plan in advance and make sure to get your tickets!

Play your part to help make the remount of the Māoriland Film Festival the celebration we all want to have! Use the COVID Tracker App or personal diary, keep up hand washing and good hygiene and please do stay home if sick. 

Here at Māoriland, we know that Indigenous cinema is healing and we know the world needs that more now than ever. Together we can make the MFF2020 Remount a great boost to Ōtaki as we gather together to watch films. It will also be a much-needed boost to all the Indigenous filmmakers sound the globe to have their films seen.  

Tickets will be available from Monday, September 14 at the Māoriland Hub and online at