Semillas de Lucha

Based on real events, Kvrvf Nawel’s film recounts the tale of a tenant farming community in revolt in the province of Esmeraldas in northern Ecuador. Exploited into debt by a corrupt landowner and despot, the peasants look for options to get out of this scheme and take back the land they till, the land that is rightfully theirs. Together they paralyze the local and national economy, forcing their voices to be heard in a process that alters their personal history and that of the entire country. From the seeds these men and women dare to plant, a brave and necessary rebellion of collective struggle is born.

Semillas de Lucha

8:30 pm, Friday 26 March,
1029, Memorial Hall, memorial-hall, 0, 1027, venue, , 0, 19, 24296, 0, and 1029
$7.50, Book Tickets

This film is rated M. It is suitable for Mature Audiences aged 16 years and over. Please note: Violence and offensive language.

Duration 75 mins
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Year 2019
Indigenous Nation Lor