The Māoriland Social Club

 The Māoriland Social Club brings together positive individuals, who support indigenous arts, films and culture, and who would like to engage socially with other awesome like-minded people, here in Ōtaki.

Join the Māoriland Social Club now! For just $20 per month plus a $10 initial one off set up fee, members of the Māoriland Social Club will have entry into two film screenings, social gatherings, meet the filmmaker and other inspirational speakers per month, as well as a heap of other wairua nourishing activities all at the Māoriland Hub.

Membership is limited to 300 people. You might live locally or on the other side of the globe; however you can still be connected to the MSC via Facebook or the newsletters that will provide information about events and activities.

Based at the Māoriland Hub the MSC will bring together all types of people to watch films, celebrate all areas of the arts, fundraise, be enlightened, listen to music, make music and have a lot of fun!

By your membership, you actively support fundraising for the Māoriland Hub – our impressive building in Ōtaki Village. We are turning the Hub into a collaboration and gathering space for Indigenous cinema, the arts, social enterprise, social responsibility, kaitiakitanga and great kai. We believe that collectively we can effect positive change.The Māoriland Hub is an essential part of the global indigenous community of filmmakers supported by its annual marquee event: The Māoriland Film Festival.The Māoriland Hub is owned and operated by the Māoriland Charitable Trust. It offers workshops, film screenings, art collaborations and a host of other exciting events throughout the year. This means that your membership is tax deductible as a charitable donation. Our registration number is CC53677.


To join the MSC, a one-off $10 fee is required, with monthly automatic payments of $20.00.

You will receive a non-transferable membership card. Membership is limited to 300 people. Only club members can act as referees for new members. Required details are on the membership forms.

The MSC is operated by the Māoriland Charitable Trust. Therefore your membership fees can be claimed as a tax deduction.