Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

During lockdown, Māoriland’s rangatahi filmmakers were bursting with creative ideas, and from this, the Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme (NPIP) was developed. NPIP is Māoriland’s newest initiative to provide rangatahi with the opportunity to turn their ideas into professionally-made short and feature films.

In May 2020, Māoriland launched the NPIP, involving eight rangatahi from all over Aotearoa who are currently working on their first or second professional films. Through NPIP, these talented rangatahi will receive one-on-one mentorship from industry experts from across the Indigenous filmmaking sector, craft development opportunities, workshops, and industry placements. 

So far, Māoriland’s Rangatahi Co-ordinator Aree Kapa (Te Aupōuri) has made her directorial debut on the heart-wrenching short film The Retrieval, written by fellow Māoriland Co-ordinator Matilda Poasa (Ngāti Hāmoa). This film was shot in Auckland back in December, over 4 days, with a crew of 10 people. The first time director exclaimed that “the experience was nothing but a dream, and couldn’t have been achieved without the support of Māoriland and NPIP”. Now, they are working towards getting the funding for post-production, which is where the public comes in!

There is still a challenge to overcome – the expense of shooting, editing and hiring cast/crew for a professional film! These eight films are destined to open the door to the film industry for the rangatahi, but that dream cannot be achieved without the help of kind donations! Each of these eight rangatahi have launched a Boosted Crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $6,000 to help cover the expenses of getting their professional film made! 

Boosted is a NZ-owned platform operated by the Arts Foundation; designed to get homegrown projects off the ground! Also, it’s an all or nothing campaign, so every dollar counts to make their dreams a reality!

Our Films and Campaigns

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

The Retrieval

Written by Matilda Poasa (Ngāti Hāmoa) and directed by Ariah Kapa (Te Aupōuri)

THE RETRIEVAL is a drama that tests the moral compass of its audience. Recently released from jail, Kaea risks his freedom and the opportunity to raise his five year old son when he discovers a taonga that originally belonged to his koro on sale at a gallery. One final jewellery heist – perhaps the most important piece he’s ever taken. It’s not stealing if it originally belonged to you right?

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

The Voyagers’ Legacy

By Bailey Poching (Ngāti Whātua, Ngāti Hāmoa)

THE VOYAGERS’ LEGACY is a short adventure comedy drama set entirely in the central Auckland home of a Samoan family during the Dawn Raids. The film has a fantastical element, and is told through the eyes of the children of the family, who view their lives as a bedtime fairy tale. 

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

Ngā Riwha a Tama

By Kararaina Ngatai-Melbourne (Ngāti Porou, Ngai Tuhoe)

NGĀ RIWHA A TAMA is a short film about a young boy who admires and looks up to his Uncle. Uncle Brown is coolest uncle, and the best hunter on the entire East Coast. While on a hunt, Tama learns that his Uncle isn’t as strong as he made him out to be.

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

The Politics of Toheroa Soup

By Tiana Pēwhairangi Trego-Hall (Te Rarawa, Ngāti Whātua, Tainui, Numangatini)

THE POLITICS OF TOHEROA SOUP is a short documentary about New Zealand’s once favourite shellfish, with a global reputation delivered to the mouths of foreigners through canned meat and soups. In the 1900s extensive overharvesting led to a collapse in population and near extinction resulting in a total ban in 1982. For Māori, the loss of toheroa – an important food source for hapū and iwi has had a profound impact. ‘The Politics of Toheroa Soup’ follows tangata whenua, hapū and iwi who are on a journey to revitalise and rebuild toheroa populations.

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

Street Lights

By Te Mahara Tamehana (Ngāti Hine, Ngāpuhi)

STREET LIGHTS is a story of redemption, forgiveness and love between three generations. It deals with topics such as drugs, abuse, toxic masculinity and mental health from the perspective of rangatahi in Te Tai Tokerau. The story is raw and real to me. The idea was to bring much-needed awareness to the daily struggle for many of us rangatahi in Te Tai Tokerau. 

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme


By Oriwa Hakaraia (Ngāti Kapu, Ngāti Raukawa)

RUARANGI is a supernatural thriller feature film set in England at the turn of the 20th Century. Ruarangi follows the story of a Māori man whose traditional healing abilities are requested to assist a dying English Lord. Although Ruarangi is many miles away from his whenua, he might be closer to home than he knows.

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

Manu Masters

By Te Waiarangi Ratana (Tūhoe)

MANU MASTERS is a summer coming-of-age comedy inspired by films like the Last Dragon and the original Karate Kid. Manu Masters must learn how to bomb from Matua Pai to save his reputation, but also for his own self-esteem. The film is fun and colourful with an exaggerated set of characters and aims to tackle themes of identity, purpose and great expectations.

Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme

E Rangi Rā

By Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne (Ngāti Porou, Ngai Tuhoe)

E RANGI RĀ is a short film about a child’s love for their parents after they are separated following the attack of Ngāpuhi on Te Whānau a Hinerupe during the 1800s. The attack came shortly after Europeans introduced muskets to Aotearoa, enabling significant bloodshed.