MRFF MARCH 21 – 22 2019

Ngā Pakiaka are the youth leaders of the Māoriland Charitable Trust. If you are a young Māori filmmaker aged 12 – 24 this is an opportunity for you to work with other rangatahi Māori filmmakers and learn the ropes of running an international film festival. 

Participants of Ngā Pakiaka are given hands on opportunities to learn more about how a film festival is organised and operated. You get to watch and review films, create a programme and then run an action packed event that brings international filmmakers to Aotearoa from all over the globe!

What will I be doing as a part of Ngā Pakiaka?

  • Meet & work alongside other awesome rangatahi filmmakers in Ngā Pakiaka
  • Attend Ngā Pakiaka hui
  • Create a physical programme for MRFF 2019
  • Watching indigenous films from all over the world
  • Join Skype/Video calls with Rangatahi Co- ordinator
  • Create a trailer for MRFF and Māoriland Film Festival
  • Help to promote MRFF on February 6th – Programme Launch Day
  • Programme the festival – select films & special events that will occur during the festival Assist in running of the festival, including liaising with Kai Hapai (Rangatahi volunteers)
  • Be friends with Julian Dennison!

Ngā Pakiaka are often asked to participate in community events and initiatives. Ngā Pakiaka is also an environment for members to group together to devise their own projects with support from each other.

This group is open to rangatahi aged 12 – 24 by application. Ngā Pakiaka are a regular presence within the MCT as rangatahi facilitators, volunteers and in the programming of the Māoriland Rangatahi Film Festival.

Being a member of Ng Pakiaka is a commitment that runs from December 2018 to March 2019. Members must be aged 12 – 24. Rangatahi interested in becoming a member of Ng Pakiaka can apply online here.