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Maaka Gair-Houia

Graduate M.A.T.C.H Intensifier “TAHI”

Maaka is a talented photographer. He is now working at the Māoriland Hub as an audio engineer reversioning films into te reo Māori. Through MATCH he found a passion for audio for movies and live performances.

Maaka Gair-Houia


  • Photography 
  • Competent in the Adobe Suite 
  • Audio Engineer – VoiceQ & Live Performances
  • Communication 
  • Leadership 
  • Self Management

Maaka Gair-Houia

Ngai Tai

Before MATCH my dream was to start my own photography business. The challenge I had was Covid hit which caused my photography business to cease.

I saw the MATCH programme as an opportunity to add something to my business add make it not just photography

Now my ambition is to combine photography and audio for movies and live performances.

Maaka is a strong leader, he often took charge in group projects.

His Audio work that he has done for Māoriland Productions has been amazing.

Rautini Thompson,
M.A.T.C.H Course Facilitator.

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The Māoriland Tech Creative Hub is a learning centre for rangatahi to use and unleash their creative thinking and problem-solving skills to develop and build creative solutions for our future. 

Our MATCH Intensifiers enable rangatahi to develop core skills in the creative industries while being empowered with the social and cultural competence to thrive.

Over six weeks our tauira participate in a rapid learning programme led by industry before entering 12 weeks of job placements.