Māoriland and Kaibosh to distribute FREE surplus kai to Ōtaki community

On Tuesdays Māoriland has kai available for those who need it outside our Toi Matarau Gallery on Main Street, Ōtaki. The surplus kai comes from Kaibosh, an charity that collects and distributes food to those who need it in the Wellington region.

 Māoriland Māra and Kaibosh have the common goal of Zero Food Poverty and Zero Food Waste. Kaibosh collects Food Industry surplus, good food that used to go to waste, and distributes it to community groups that support people in need.

Māoriland provides a place for the social, economic and educational success of our community in Ōtaki through connection to the wider world of Indigenous creativity and innovation.

In the Māoriland Māra we aim to create effective community networks, collaborating to grow community kai production and distribution.

We are distributing kai every Tuesday from 11.30am for as long as it lasts.