Native Slam 2016

On 19th March 2016 17 Indigenous Nations took part in the inaugural NATIVE SLAM – Maoriland’s Indigenous, International Filmmaking competition. The filmmakers – all of whom have significant film experience, were placed in 5 teams around NZ’s North Island.

In just 72 hours and with only $800 to feed, travel and house them, they created not only five exceptional short films but they also created life long relationships with each other.

They delivered their films to Native Slam Executive Producer Pauline Clague (Aboriginal Australia) on the 22nd March in Ōtaki prior to the opening of the 3rd Māoriland Film Festival. They screened twice at Māoriland. It was decided not to award a single prize by jury to the winning film. But that there would be a People’s Choice Award. This will be announced soon.

Funding is now being sought to be able to do final sound and picture post on these special short films so that they can travel to film festivals around the world.
“The Native Slam is proof that when passion, skills and a willingness to collaborate combine a certain magic occurs with the result of five unique indigenous films that inspire future Native collaborations” Libby Hakaraia

Skabmakovat Film Festival in Finland has already agreed to screen the Native Slam.


1. The film’s title must be in a Native language.

2. The story must be part of a wider story – in that it has context with
another time, people, or place.

3. Only one camera can be used at any one time.

4. Available light only can be used. Neither added lights nor filters. All FX
are in-camera.

5. Every film must have some spoken and un-translated native language.

6. Music can only express on screen emotion, it cannot illustrate action.

7. No expenditure is permitted for the creation of costume, sets and
props. – but you may want to bring some props from your national regalia that you may want to utilize.

8. Every day of production begins and ends with prayer and ritual.

9. Every film must heal.

10. Creative and managerial control of the film will be Indigenous. A portion
of the intellectual property will lie with any tribal owners of the story. A
portion of the profits of the film will be held in trust for Indigenous film


Tainui Stephens (Otaki) – Maori host filmmaker
Zoe Hopkins (Mohawk) – director
Rima Tamou (Bulgunnwarra/Nga Ruahine Rangi)


Himiona Grace (Paekakariki) – Maori host filmmaker
Blackhorse Lowe (Navajo)
Sunna Nousuniemi  Sami


Kath Brown (Auckland) Maori host filmmaker
Sara Margrethe Oskal – Sami
Echota Kilsnight (Northern Cheyenne / Cherokee Keetowah)


Mike Jonathan (Rotorua) – Maori host filmmaker
Sonia Boileau (Mohawk) – director
Jeremiah Tauamiti (Samoan)


Chelsea Winstanley – Maori host filmmaker
Cornel Ozzies (Aboriginal)
Trevor Mack (Tsilhqot’in)

We will need your help to fund the post production of these films so that we can take them to screen around the world.

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