Kiriata Poto – Short Films

Māoriland Film Festival is New Zealand’s premier international Indigenous Film Festival. Now into its eighth year, it is a cultural and arts event that invites New Zealanders to the Indigenous world through screen storytelling. 

Image shows painted scroll

Wairua Shorts

Thu  25 Mar – 10 am
Māoriland Hub

Image shows a couple dancing in the background of a family scene

Whānau Shorts

Thu  25 Mar – 12:30 pm
Māoriland Hub

Image shows two Samoan men in the front seat of a car at night. A little girl sits in the back. The car is rear lit by what looks like a police car light.

Aotearoa Shorts

Thu 25 March, 2:30 pm
Memorial Hall

Image shows macro view of lichen - spindly alien like forms

Whenua Shorts

Fri 26 March, 10 am
Māoriland Hub

Image shows an older Māori woman with a moko kauae standing outside

Whakapapa Shorts

Fri 26 March, 12:30 pm
Māoriland Hub

Image shows an illustrated young Māori boy standing need to a white fluffy dog. The boy is looking off to the distance and pointing.

Rangatahi Shorts for Tamariki – Island of Mystery

Sat 27 March, 10 am
Māoriland Hub

Image shows a group of teenagers standing broodily holding camera equipment on a wind swept grass dune with the beach in the background.

Haumaru Shorts

Sat 27 Mar, 11:30 am
Memorial Hall

Image shows a Papua New Guinean Mum and daughter standing at a supermarket checkout. Both look unimpressed.

Bingo Shorts

Sat 27 March, 6:30 pm
Māoriland Hub

Image shows a double hulled waka with beautiful Māori designs on the water

Wai Shorts

Sun 28 Mar, 11 am
Māoriland Hub