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NATIVE Minds is a series of interactive discussions examining how Indigenous thinking shapes our existence and our view of the world

Innovation in a Time of COVID

Sat 27 mar
10 am
Māoriland Hub Maara

We always have and always will; consider new technologies and methods to make films.


Framing Difficult Truths

Sat 27 mar
11:30 am
Māoriland Hub 

Sexual harm, violence, sex; taboo subjects are part of our reality. In this NATIVE Minds session, we discuss with Indigenous filmmakers the way we might tell these difficult stories. We include a screening of multi award-winning Sami film NJUOKCAMAT, Tongues.

(This film is rated R16.)

Njuokcamat (The Tongues)

New Māori Creativity

Sat 27 mar
1:30 pm
Māoriland Hub Maara

A new generation of Māori storytellers speak of new techniques and new platforms for diverse audiences.

MATCH Cohort 1 Illustration

He Ahurea Hou

Sat 27 mar
3 pm
Māoriland Hub Maara

In order to change the Industry we ourselves need to change; a discussion around workplace behaviors, social media toxicity, meaningful collaborations, and an Indigenous code of ethics.